2nd semester: Tuesday morning         (Min. No. 8)

This unit aims to build on the introductory unit in moral theology by exploring a range of important theories and practical issues in moral theology today. The areas to be explored include issues such as major trends in contemporary theological ethics, authority in the Church and the problem of theological dissent, moral issues concerning human life, reproductive technologies, surrogacy, euthanasia, abortion, the Church’s role in the arena of politics and public life, problems of divorce/remarriage, the public agenda on gay/lesbian marriage/union, human migration, corporate social responsibility, and capital punishment.

PREREQUISITES: DT1000Y Introduction to Moral Theology or equivalent

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:
1. critique the key literature, both secular and religious, on a number of current ethical questions
2. identify the foundations and developments in the Catholic tradition regarding its positions on a range of ethical issues
3. critically evaluate the ethical positions of both secular and religious sources on a chosen topic
4. apply Christian ethical methodology to current debates on key moral issues
5. present a cogent and sustained argument for a position taken on a specified issue
6. communicate this argument in a form accessible to a non-academic audience (Level 3 only)

Level 2: 1500 word tutorial paper (30%); 3000 word major essay (70%)
Level 3: 1500 word tutorial paper (30%); 3500 word major essay (70%)

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