1st and 2nd Semester: Friday morning (Min. No. 8)

Crosslisted as DP2101Y. Individual supervision once per month on rotating Friday afternoons.

For more information http://www.heartoflife.melbourne/seminars-courses/spiritual-leaders-2019/

Spiritual Leaders focuses on personal integration of the theory and practice of a discerning approach to pastoral ministry. It is a year-long, integrated unit for those involved in leadership roles in pastoral ministry: parish priests/ministers, lay ecclesial ministers, chaplains involved in a variety of ministries, educators and community leaders. Utilising a contemplative, experiential approach to learning, the course incorporates individual (monthly) and peer group (weekly) supervision, written and oral verbatims, and seminar work. Spiritual Leaders focuses on growth in self-awareness and sensitivity to the movement of God’s Spirit in oneself, as well as in the person(s) to whom one is ministering. Content areas include the leadership exercised by Jesus, Christian prayer and mysticism, spiritual practices in world religions, the nature and source of interior movements, discernment of spirits and contemplative decision-making.


Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:
1. identify and articulate interior movements and dynamics within the human person
2. engage in a contemplative approach to pastoral ministry and life experience
3. recognise, articulate and demonstrate awareness of the signs of God’s Spirit (and spirits not of God) present in themselves and others
4. apply the principles of spiritual discernment in pastoral leadership
5. reflect critically on, and articulate, their experience of contemplative listening in spiritual and pastoral leadership and ministry

Eight verbatim reports equivalent to 500 words each (50%); Two essays of 1000 words each (25%); Two evaluations equivalent to 1000 words each (25%)

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