1st semester: Tuesday morning (Min. No. 8)

Cross listed as Moral Theology DT2/3331Y or DT2470Y

The unit will provide students with an exposure to Christian Social Teaching (principally Catholic) in relation to Indigenous Peoples. The main focus is the Australian context and to issues relating to Aboriginal Australians. Relevant ecclesial, biblical and theological writings addressing indigenous social issues will be considered. Topics under discussion include: the human person, justice and reconciliation, history, land, and church involvement with indigenous people. A key resource is Dominic O’Sullivan’s ‘Faith, Politics and Reconciliation: Catholicism and the Politics of Indigeneity’.

Level 2: One level 1 unit in Missiology or Moral Theology
Level 3: At least one level two unit in Missiology or Moral Theology

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:
1. trace the developments of the church’s social teaching relating to key indigenous themes
2. show evidence of competence and discernment in the use of relevant resource material
3. examine key ecclesial, theological and biblical texts and explore implications for the church’s teaching and practice in indigenous issues today
4. present orally, in a clear, convincing and engaging manner, a relevant research topic
5. provide a critical analysis and response to the impact of the church’s social teaching on indigenous peoples, especially Aboriginal Australians
6. articulate critical reflection on personal experiences relating to the church’s social teaching and Aboriginal Australians (Level 3)

Level 2: 1000 word tutorial presentation (30%); 3000 word essay (70%)
Level 3: 1000 word tutorial presentation (30%); 4000 word essay (70%)

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