2nd semester: Wednesday evening     (Min. No. 8)

This unit develops the students’ historical methodology and research skills, building on fundamental learnings from the first survey (CH1001Y). Applying these skills, it surveys the history of the Church from the Renaissance to the present. Particular emphasis is given to the current historiography of the Long Reformation (14th to 18th Centuries) and its aftermaths, to the Enlightenment, colonialism, the Age of Revolutions, the great age of mission and the Religious developments of the 19th Century, in church authority structures and ‘Social Christianity’, as a preface to interpreting twentieth century conflicts, reforms and renewal.

PREREQUISITES: CH1001Y or equivalent

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:
1. demonstrate understanding of the dynamic meaning of church history
2. analyse critically both primary and secondary historical sources
3. assess and weigh the meaning and significance of selected historical evidence
4. integrate historiographical debates into historical analysis
5. research and assemble evidence for a sustained historical argument on a selected event in early modern or modern church history
6. demonstrate the interrelationship between history and theology
Document study 1500 words (40%); essay 2500 words (60%)

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