March 22nd – April 18th 2017  Intensive Travel Unit


This Unit combines a study of the Biblical texts associated with the feasts of Passover & Easter (Exodus, Servant Songs & John’s Gospel) with an experience of the Biblical Land and the celebration of these feasts in Jerusalem. (This Program is situated in Jerusalem. The students will study: Exodus, the Servant Songs in Isaiah and the Gospel of John. The lens through which this study will be focused are the feasts of Passover and Easter. The celebration of Easter in the Holy Land offers an experience of a variety of Christian celebrations of Holy Week and Easter. It will also allow some participation, with Jewish people, in Passover. There will be excursions to sites where events in the life of Jesus are commemorated.)

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It is necessary to enrol with the Program in Jerusalem.


BA1000Y& BN1000Y


Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. exegete the text of the Gospel of John within the context of the First Testament and in a manner which does not promote anti-Jewish sentiment
  2. examine the relationship between the feasts of Passover and Easter as found in the selected biblical traditions
  3. present the texts of Exodus and Isaiah (Servant Songs) in non supersessionist modes
  4. demonstrate familiarity with the role of Jerusalem and the land in the celebration of the feasts of Passover and Easter
  5. explore the use of Biblical texts within a liturgical context.


Exegesis of a text within John 13-20 (35%); Preparation of an “Easter” Liturgy with a strong Biblical component (35%); A reflective paper on the relationship between the feasts of Passover and Easter in light of the 4 weeks experience (30%)


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Supervisors:          MARY COLOE PBVM and MARY REABURN NDS