Semester 2, 2023

(Monday 31st July – Friday 3rd November)

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TimeUnit NameUnit CodeLecturer/sLocation/ Room
9.30amSent to ServeCT2025Y CT3025Y CT9025YMatthew BeckmannClassroom 2
 RomansBN2017Y BN3017Y BN9017YChris MonaghanClassroom 1
1.30pmIntroduction to Tertiary StudiesNN1000YMichael KellyClassroom 2
6.00pmThe Gospel of JohnBN2013Y BN3013Y BN9013YPaul CreeveyClassroom 2
 The Neighbour:
Towards a Philosophy & Theology of Hospitality
AP3200Y AP9200Y CT3200Y CT9200YJohn McDowellClassroom 1
9.30amThe Triune GodCT3012Y CT9012YGreg BrettClassroom 1
6.00pmEntering the World of the Old Testament: Survey & MethodBA1000Y BA8000YMary ReaburnStudy Centre Classroom
 Pastoral LeadershipXS9992YMichael KellyClassroom 2
9.30amUndergraduate Capstone ProjectXS3900YJohn McDowellClassroom 1
6.00pmFoundations for Christian SpiritualityDS1000Y DS8000YCarmel PosaStudy Centre Classroom
 Professional Issues in Pastoral MinistryDP3006Y DP9006YBarry RogersClassroom 1
 Major Issues in Contemporary Moral TheologyDT2011Y DT3011Y DT9011YBernard TeoClassroom 2
 The Cracking of Christendom: Histories and Theologies of the Reformation
(at Pilgrim)
CH2100Z CH3100Z CH9100Z CT2100Z CT3100Z CT9100ZMatthew Beckmann 
9.30amIntroduction to the Theology of MissionDM1330Y DM8330YAlbano DaCostaStudy Centre Classroom
PsalmsBA2011Y BA3011Y BA9011YMary ReaburnClassroom 2
6.00pmBeginning with JesusCT1003Y CT8003YRoss FishburnClassroom 2
 Signs & Gifts of God: Sacraments of Life and ChurchCT2310Y CT3310Y CT9310YGavin BrownClassroom 1
 Introduction to Early Christian Art and ArchitectureCH2012Y CH3012Y CH9012YClaire RenkinStudy Centre Classroom

Semester 1, 2024

(Units will be linked soon)

MondayUnit CodeUnit Name 
9.30amDC2/3/9011YCanon Law ARosie Joyce
 AL1/8011YNew Testament Greek APaul Creevey
1.30pmNN1000YIntroduction to Tertiary Studies in Theology (Not for Credit)Michael Kelly
6.00pmCT2/3/9020YTheology of Creation in a Cosmic and Evolutionary SettingGreg Brett
 AP1/8000YPhilosophy for BeginnersJohn McDowell
TuesdayUnit CodeUnit Name 
9.30amCT3/9019YHuman Person: Community & WorldCecilia Tan
 BA2/3/9010YPentateuchAnne Gardner
6.00pmBN1/8000YEntering the World of the New Testament: Survey and MethodFrancis Otobo
 DM2/3/9014YInterreligious DialogueThien Nguyen
 BN2/3/9012YMatthewChris Monaghan
WednesdayUnit CodeUnit Name 
9.30amDT1/8000YIntroduction to Moral Theology: The Moral Life as a Call to DiscipleshipBrendan Connell
6.00pmDP1/8001YFoundations for Pastoral PracticeBarry Rogers
 CT3/9017YJesus Name of Our SalvationGreg Brett
 CH/DS2/3/9215YFrom Perpetua to Dorothy Day: Women’s Spiritual Experience from the Early Church to TodayCarmel Posa
ThursdayUnit CodeUnit Name 
9.30amDM2/3/9331YTheology in AsiaAlbano Da Costa
 DP3/9005YTrauma – exploring issues, support & recovery in a pastoral contextBarry Rogers
6.00pmCH1/8003YI am with you always: Introducing the history of the ChurchRoss Fishburn
 CH/DL2/3/9240YBetween Heaven & Earth: an Historical Introduction to LiturgyGavin Brown

Semester 2, 2024

MondayUnit CodeUnit NameLecturerRoom
9.30amDC2/3/9012YCanon Law BRosie Joyce 
 AL1/8012YNew Testament Greek APaul Creevey 
1.30pmNN1000YIntroduction to Tertiary StudiesMichael Kelly 
6.00pmAP/CT2/3/9800YAtheism : Varieties of Belief, Disbelief, UnbeliefJohn McDowell 
 BN2/3/9010YThe Corinthian CorrespondenceChris Monaghan 
TuesdayUnit CodeUnit Name  
9.30amDP2/3/9111YMinistry in Contemporary ContextMichael Kelly 
6.00pmBA1/8000YEntering the World of the Old Testament: Survey & MethodMary Reaburn 
 BN2/3/9018YThe Gospel of MarkFrancis Otobo 
 DT3/9012YJustice & Human RightsBernard Teo 
WednesdayUnit CodeUnit Name  
9.30amXS3900YUndergraduate Capstone ProjectJohn McDowell 
 DP3006YProfessional Issues in Pastoral MinistryBarry Rogers 
6.00pmDS1/8000YFoundations for Christian SpiritualityCarmel Posa Janette Elliott 
 CT2/3/9021YVatican II: The Theological ChallengeGreg Brett 
 CT/CH2/3/9511YMartyrs Minds & Mystics: The Birth of Christian ThoughtMatthew Beckmann 
ThursdayUnit CodeUnit Name  
9.30amDM1/8330YIntroduction to the Theology of MissionAlbano Da Costa 
6.00pmCT1/8003YBeginning with JesusRoss Fishburn 
 CT2/3/9319YSigns & Gifts of God: Sacraments of Life and ChurchGavin Brown 
 XS9991YA Faith To Live ByCarmel Posa 

BS9662Y – Interpreting Biblical Texts    
Mary Reaburn, Anne Gardner, Paul Creevey & Francis Otobo    
Thurs 8 Aug, Fri 9 Aug, 2 days asynchronous, Thurs 17 Oct, Fri 18 Oct