Semester 1

Mon 27th February – Friday 2nd June

Time/DayUnit CodeUnit NameLecturer/s
1.30pmNN1000YIntroduction to Tertiary Studies in Theology (Not for Credit)Michael Kelly
6.00pmBN2011Y BN3011Y BN9011YLuke-ActsChris Monaghan
9.30amDM2011Y DM3011Y DM9011YA Comparative Study of ReligionsThien Nguyen
 DL2423Y DL3423Y DL9423YProclaiming the Word of GodMichael Kelly
6.00pmBN1000Y BN8000YEntering the World of the New TestamentFrancis Otobo
 CH3322Y CH3322Y CH9322Y DS2322Y DS3322Y DS9322YMystery as the Heart of the ChurchCarmel Posa
9.30amDT1000Y DT8000YIntroduction to Moral Theology: The Moral Life as a Call to DiscipleshipBrendan Connell
 AP3341Y AP9341Y CT3341Y CT9341Y DT3341Y DT9341YDoing Justice in Theory and PracticeJohn McDowell Matthew Beckmann
6.00pmDP1001Y DP8001YFoundations for Pastoral PracticeBarry Rogers
 BA2021Y BA3021Y BA9021YExile, Trauma and the presence of God: the book of EzekielJanina Hiebel
9.30amDM2015Y DM3015Y DM9015YRecent approaches to missionAlbano Da Costa
 DP2004Y DP3004Y DP9004YLoss, Grief and Bereavement Issues in Pastoral Ministry ContextsBarry Rogers
6.00pmCH1003Y CH8003Y“I am with you always”: Introducing the history of the ChurchMatthew Beckmann
 CT2010Y CT3010Y CT9010YEschatology: Living in HopeGreg Brett


CH3217Y / CH9217Y /
DS3217Y / DS9217Y
      Women Doctors of the Church                           
Saturdays: March 4, March 25, April 15, May 6, May 20

DR9663Y     Leadership for Mission in a Catholic School   (MEdTheol @ Bendigo)
Thu 9 Mar, Fri 10 Mar, 2 days asynchronous, Thu 11, May, Fri 12 May


Graduate Certificate in Religion Education (GCTRE) (Box Hill/Ballarat)

Master of Education and Theology (MEdTheol) (Bendigo)

Semester 2

Monday 31st July – Friday 3rd November

TimeUnit CodeUnit Name Lecturer/s
9.30amCT2025Y CT3025Y CT9025YSent to ServeMatthew Beckmann
 BN2017Y BN3017Y BN9017YRomansChris Monaghan
1.30pmNN1000YIntroduction to Tertiary StudiesMichael Kelly
6.00pmBN2013Y BN3013Y BN9013YThe Gospel of JohnCarmel Posa
 AP3200Y AP9200Y CT3200Y CT9200YThe Neighbour:
Towards a Philosophy & Theology of Hospitality
John McDowell
9.30amCT3012Y CT9012YThe Triune GodTBA
 BA2011Y BA3011Y BA9011YPsalmsMary Reaburn
6.00pmBA1000Y BA8000YEntering the World of the Old Testament: Survey & MethodJanina Hiebel
 XS9992YPastoral LeadershipMichael Kelly
9.30amXS3900YUndergraduate Capstone ProjectJohn McDowell
6.00pmDS1000Y DS8000YFoundations for Christian SpiritualityCarmel Posa
 DP3006Y DP9006YProfessional Issues in Pastoral MinistryBarry Rogers
 DT2011Y DT3011Y DT9011YMajor Issues in Contemporary Moral TheologyBernard Teo
 CH2100Z CH3100Z CH9100Z CT2100Z CT3100Z CT9100ZThe Cracking of Christendom: Histories and Theologies of the Reformation (at Pilgrim)Matthew Beckmann
9.30amDM1330Y DM8330YIntroduction to the Theology of MissionAlbano DaCosta
6.00pmCT1003Y CT8003YBeginning with JesusRoss Fishburn
 CT2310Y CT3310Y CT9310YSigns & Gifts of God: Sacraments of Life and ChurchGavin Brown
 CH2012Y CH3012Y CH9012YIntroduction to Early Christian Art and ArchitectureClaire Renkin


BS9662Y    Interpreting Biblical Texts   (MEdTheol @ Bendigo)       Janina Hiebel & Francis Otobo 
Thu 20 Jul, Fri 21 Jul, 2 days asynchronous, Thu 7 Sep, Fri 8 Sep

CT2320Y     Mary in the Christian Tradition     Matthew Beckmann
CH3320Y / CH9320Y    
DS2320Y / DS3320Y / DS9320Y   
August 5, August 19, August 26, September 9, October 14, November 4.

Updated: 4th November 2022