2nd Semester 2019

9.30am DS1000Y  Foundations for Christian Spirituality BA2/3011Y  Psalms
DT2/3011Y  Major Issues in Contemporary Moral Theology AL1002Y   Hebrew B
1.30pm – 3.00pm
NN1000Y  Non-credit unit.  Introd to Tertiary Studies in Theology
6.00pm BA1000Y  Entering the World of the Old Testament: Survey & Method BS3116Y  Biblical Justice and the Reign of God CH2002Y  A Survey of Early Modern & Modern Church History CT1003Y  Beginning with Jesus
BN2/3013Y The Gospel of John DM/CT1330Y  Introduction to the Theology of Mission CT/DR2/3310Y  Signs and Gifts of God: Sacraments of Life and Church CT2/3025Y         Sent to Serve
DT2/3016Y  Action for a Fairer World


CH/DS2/3214Y Death, Dying and Grief:  Through the Lens of Art & Spirituality: CR, EF  9.30am – 4.30pm Saturdays 3,17,31 August, 21 Sept, 12 & 26 October.