Three Conversations on Love.

The Love Dialogues Network in association with The Arnold Janssen Spirituality Centre (Also known as KARUNA) invites you to participate in a series of workshops on Three Conversations on Love.

Facilitated by Norm Currie and Fr Thien Nguyen SVD
Norm Currie is a Spiritual Director with a strong commitment to the practice of deep listening to Love as the foundation for all meaningful communication. Rev. Dr Thien Nguyen is a priest of the Society of the Divine Word, who currently lectures on Interreligious Dialogue in a Multi-religious Society and on Comparative Theology of Religions at Yarra Theological Union, University of Divinity.

Saturday, 01 October 2-4pm The effect of the personality filter
Saturday, 8 October 2-4pm Conditional Llove – “What’s in it for me?”
Saturday 15 October 2-4pm Aspiring to unconditional Love – “I can do this”
You are welcome to attend all three or any of the workshops.
Conversations over a “cuppa” will continue if you wish to stay back after each workshop.

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Love Dialogues
Objectives: The purpose of a Love Dialogues workshop is to draw attention to the “Elephant in the Room” which, from the perspective of the Dialogues, is unconditional Love. Ever present but frequently over looked. These three workshops are structured so as to optimize the conscious engagement with unconditional Love in daily life. Contents:
We will:
 Reflect on the proposition that unconditional Love is in fact the overlooked Elephant in the Room and the consequences of this.
 Identify the difference between the expression of unconditional Love and conditional Llove.
 Examine the role of personality in determining the extent to which our love is conditional.
 Using scenarios, develop a broader understanding of Llove (conditional) and practices which facilitate it.  Engage in free-flowing conversations, facilitated to encourage participation and to effect beneficial outcomes.

Workshop 1 – The effect of the personality filter 14.00pm – 16.00pm, Saturday 01 October
We will engage with the Enneagram personality typing as a preliminary indicator of what may be
influencing our expression of Love. We will use role plays to see the full impact of personality and examine ways in which behaviours, which inhibit Love, maybe modified.

Workshop 2 – Conditional Llove – What’s in it for me? 14:00 – 16:00, Saturday 08 October
That question “What’s in it for me?” is the stone in our shoe which modifies our capacity to Love. We will engage scenarios to expose the way in which this filter may first be recognised and secondly minimised. Because we all seek to be the best Love that we can, we will seek, through deep conversation, to
establish a foundation of acceptance that our aspiration to be Love, is the best we can be at any

Workshop 3 – Aspiring to unconditional Love – I can do this 14:00 – 16:00, Saturday 15 October
Building on the previous workshops, we will engage in a deliberately personality transparent
conversation, to identify the issues which may take our eyes off the Elephant in the Room. We will aim to establish a filter which serves us in our endeavour to minimise conditional Llove. What are Love Dialogues networks?
The premise upon which this concept is based is that unconditional Love is permanent and intrinsic
throughout all human endeavour. By clearly establishing the consideration of unconditional Love as
an essential pre-requisite for all engagement in human activity, justice, peace and Love will prevail. It reverses the process where human design, desire and intent are primary. It is a clear statement and recognition of the preeminent position of Love. This must be acknowledged and acted upon before decisions are made.

For Further Information about the Love Dialogues Network,
Norm Currie – Mobile: 0413 150 888
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