Taking Enrolments for 2022

Here are your options for enrolment:

For Continuing Students
Please complete the Re-enrolment form to add units to your course and email the form directly to Ross Fishburn the Dean:    For students who have a question about their enrolment please email the Dean at .  The Dean is available for consultation via Zoom, if required.

In most cases, continuing GCTRE students would have already completed their enrolment form for 2022. If you have any questions regarding GCTRE please contact Michael Kelly via  .  For continuing GCTRE and GDSD students who have not returned their form, please return them before Christmas, if possible.  GCTRE sponsored Students with MACS need to also supply a Mixed Payment Form.

For New students OR Students starting a NEW Course:
Please make an appointment via admin () to meet with Ross Fishburn either Face to Face or via Zoom.

Please find below links to our Semester 1 Timetables and Unit information.

Undergraduate –  2022-Timetable-Sem-1-Undergraduates.pdf (ytu.edu.au)
Postgraduate  –  2022-Timetable-Sem-1-Postgraduates.pdf (ytu.edu.au)
GCTRE – GCTRE-dates-2022-4.pdf (ytu.edu.au)
MEdTheol – Master of Education and Theology (MEdTheol) 2022 | Yarra Theological Union (ytu.edu.au)

Prospectus for 2022 – Prospectus-ytu-for-web-page-2022-Oct-26.pdf
List of all our Units – YTU 2022 Units | Yarra Theological Union

Thank you for your support and looking forward to seeing you again in 2022 when we celebrate 50 years of education.