Study Atheism in Semester 2

May 29, 2024

credit: peshkov

Atheism: Varieties of Belief, Disbelief, Unbelief

Starts: Monday 29th July 2024
Time: 6.00 – 9.00 pm
Location:  Box Hill   (Blended class)

Email: with your interest or questions.

 Disbelief in God is a complex matter, but its current forms have a relatively short intellectual history. The unit traces the story and logic of modern atheism, and it asks what it means to speak of ‘God’ and even ‘religion’ in the modern world. The unit provides two main arguments: firstly, that modern atheism was largely a product of the nineteenth-century’s response to problematic versions of Christian practices; and, secondly, that modern atheism can be a salutary tool for reflecting on Christian life and faith.

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