The purpose of the SRC is to cooperate in and complement the objectives of YTU by representing and serving students enrolled there.  It is represented on the Senate and Education Board by the President and Secretary, and in each Faculty Department by representatives from the student body.

The SRC is composed of a President, Secretary, and Treasurer elected from among the whole student body.  This election takes place in the second semester, to take effect in the following year. There are elected representatives from the independent students and it is desirable that each member College has a representative, elected at the beginning of each year.

The student body, together with the Faculty, is responsible for organising and advertising events and activities throughout the year, of which the following are significant for 2019:

February       22        Orientation Programme and BBQ

March           1            Inaugural Eucharistic Celebration and Supper

March           11-15    Hospitality Week

August          16         SRC Evening

November    22        End of Year Eucharist and Supper

The SRC also has responsibility for:

  1. Encouraging students to actively participate as FIRE carrier ambassadors.
  2. Organising the weekly Eucharists
  3. Arranging and promoting the opening and closing Eucharists
  4. Providing facilities for the students in the Common Room
  5. Managing SRC finances
  6. Organising social functions throughout the year
  7. Upkeep of the Prayer Room
  8. Supporting the work of the Chaplain
  9. Managing the election of, and supporting and communicating with, the departmental representatives
  10. Electing a representative to the OH& S committee
  11. Creating a weekly student bulletin

Student Representatives on Departments

The election of the Student Representatives is managed by the SRC. These students represent their peers in Departments A&B, C or D, and will attend Department meetings. They are a voice for students on planning and decision making and may have further opportunities to attend other Boards or working groups. The SRC communicates with and supports the student representatives.



The Chaplain’s room is situated in the Study Centre. The Chaplain is available for all at YTU and encourages those who wish to make a set time to meet, to call or email.