Student Results – 10th December

The University of Divinity is due to release the Student results for Semester 2 on Friday 10th December 2021.

You can view your results by accessing Paradigm using your student log on details.

How to log into Paradigm

Go to University of Divinity
Click on Paradigm (at top of the screen)

Type in your Username and Password.
Username:  Your email address supplied to your Home College
Password:  dd/mmxxx (date, forward slash, month of birth and the last 3 digits of your Student Number).
(you may have changed your password to something else)

Please note: Results are provisional until released by the University of Divinity (10th Dec 2021)

Checking your results

Scroll down to view your results.

While the Paradigm program is open please check that your personal details are correct. 
If any changes are required please email  .

Your ARK access will expire soon.

Please make sure you have downloaded your assignments from ARK, if required.

All the best with your results and we hope to see you in 2022.