We are an inclusive and welcoming community for theological education and ministerial formation.  As a community of disciples of Jesus YTU is committed to safeguarding, honouring, and respecting the dignity and value of each person, especially children and vulnerable adults.

For sexual harassment or other matters, please feel free to contact our trained Peer Contact officers via the following email addresses.  This is a Private and Confidential service. 

Click the link below for:

Code of Conduct

University Safeguarding policy

Changing Culture – Responding to the Royal Commission 

See the University of Divinity website for more information of their policies and procedures, which include:

See also the University of Divinity’s Acts and Regulations.

CPSL video resources on Safeguarding
Robert Fitzgerald Why safeguards?  https://youtu.be/ML83WlNjquc
Robert Fitzgerald Transparency and audits https://youtu.be/0g9OuSvRGNk
Robert Fitzgerald Identifying perpetrators and impacts of abuse https://youtu.be/Vb7cDsMMz0Y
Robert Fitzgerald Impact of clerical abuse  https://youtu.be/6sGpT0rbH5k
Hans Zollner SJ  Accountability  https://youtu.be/zQ_Z4vmWgkc 
Hans Zollner SJ Engaging with survivors  https://youtu.be/t7APFlYsQwk 
Hans Zollner SJ A global perspective on child safeguarding in the Catholic Church https://youtu.be/FFMSZJlC6oI 
Hans Zollner SJ Making safeguarding integral https://youtu.be/bEwv3gbo7f4Hans Zollner SJ Danger and impact of clericalism https://youtu.be/mc0HJKJ28gw 

In addition to the policies and procedures of University of Divinity, Yarra Theological Union is committed to the code of conduct “Integrity in Ministry” (2004) that outlines the principles and standards for Catholic Clergy and Religious in Australia and

Integrity in the Service of the Church” (2011) for Lay Workers in the Catholic Church in Australia.

For more information see www.catholicreligious.org.au

YTU is committed to the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards for the protection of children and vulnerable adults.