Recent Publications of Faculty 2021

Paul Beirne

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Gavin Brown

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Unpacking the History of the Australian Catholic Church. Mulgrave, Vic: Garratt Publishing, 2020.


Edmund Chia (Honorary Research Fellow, UD)

Journal Articles

“Receptive Ecumenism through Asia’s Triple Dialogue Theology.” Pacifica 28/2 (Jun 2015): 126–136.

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Book Chapters

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John N. Collins

Gateway to Renewal: Reclaiming ministries for women and men. Northcote: Morning Star, 2016.

“How to Read Diaconia in the Bible?” with A. Hentschel and E.Ryokas, Diaconia Christi (2017): 33-41; also German (22-31); Spanish (43-51)

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Mary L. Coloe

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Bruce Duncan

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Ross Fishburn

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Brian Gallagher

“Discernment of Spirits: The Corner-stone of Formation of Spiritual Directors.” PhD diss., 2018, University of Divinity, Melbourne, 2018.

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Anne Gardner

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Stefan Gigacz (Honorary Research Associate)

Deux théologiens de la JOC de Lille: Pierre Tiberghien et Palémon Glorieux (Two theologians of the Lille JOC: Pierre Tiberghien and Palemon Glorieux). La Revue du Nord No. 38 Hors Série Collection Histoire, 2020, pp. 95-110.(2019)

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 Brian Gleeson

“The Mission of the Kingdom of God: Ultimate Source of Meaning, Value and Energy for Jesus.” The Australasian Catholic Record 93, no. 3 (2016): 326-339.

Janina Hiebel

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John Hill

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Rosemarie Joyce

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Jacob Kavunkal

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Michael A. Kelly

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Terence Kennedy CSsR (Honorary Research Fellow, UD)

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Mirek Mejzner


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Titus S. Olorunnisola (Honorary Research Associate)

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