Elective unit (Min. No. 8)

1st semester: Wednesday morning

Cross listed as Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies DP9423Y

The unit will explore issues and approaches to preaching while concentrating on the application of this knowledge to the proclamation of the Word of God in liturgical and cultural contexts.

PREREQUSITES: At least two foundational units, preferably in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Liturgy, or equivalent

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:
1. prepare and deliver a homily
2. evaluate critically and appreciatively the content and delivery of a homily
3. identify the different “texts” involved in preaching as a communicative process
4. articulate issues concerning the interpretation of biblical texts
5. discuss the place of preaching in the life of the faith community
6. describe the difference between at least two cultural contexts and their impact on preaching

Preparation, delivery and evaluation of a homily (7 minutes), plus personal, peer and lecturer review (oral and written) of this homily and oral review of two shorter homilies. All homilies are videotaped and replayed for review as part of the process, total equivalent to 3000 words (60%); essay 3000 words (40%)

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