Elective unit                                                                                                          (Min. No. 8)

1st semester: Thursday evening



The Matthean community stands at the crossroads wrestling with how to preserve and honour their Jewish past while welcoming Gentiles into the Christian community. Matthew articulates an inclusive vision where both Jew and Gentile are welcome, and unity can be found in putting into practice the higher righteousness espoused in the Sermon on the Mount. This unit will undertake a literary, exegetical and theological study of Matthew’s Gospel. Special attention will be paid to the manner in which Matthew makes use of his sources (Gospel of Mark, the Q source, and special Matthean material).

PREREQUISITES: two foundational units in Biblical Studies or equivalent


Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. identify and interpret Matthew’s redaction of Mark’s Gospel and other traditions
  2. discuss and evaluate the context in which this theology arose
  3. assess the distinctive theology of Matthew compared to Mark and Luke
  4. exegete specified texts making use of appropriate methodologies
  5. evaluate the significance of the material that is unique to Matthew
  6. demonstrate their ability to appraise, critique and synthesise both primary and secondary sources


2000 exegetical paper (40%); 4000 word essay (60%)



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