1st and 2nd semesters Thursdays 10am to 12 noon                              (Max. No. 10)
A prayer experience

Learn to paint icons the traditional way



This class will include direction in the making of an icon: writing/painting of the icon with gauche; gluing on the board; positioning of the linen on the board. Learning the “gesso method”; placing 12 coats of gilders whiting; the final sanding to take the “line drawing”. Then students will learn the use of the Stylus to incise the plaster ready to receive the colours. Students’ first icon will be Christ Pantocrator.

At the completion of icon classes for the year there will be a Eucharist and blessing of icons.

The following materials are supplied: wood (pine), linen cloth, glue and gesso. Students supply their own brushes (Sable 0, 00, 000). A colour chart is provided for paints (Gauche). Handouts are also supplied.

Total Cost: $150.00 to be paid to the YTU Registrar (Cheques payable to YTU)

To develop an understanding of what icons are, what their meaning and function is. The writing/painting of icons is approached with prayer and quiet so the student can benefit in his or her prayer life. “Icons are open books to remind us of God.”



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St. Paschal College
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Classes run from 9th March until 30th November and are held at Yarra Theological Union, 98 Albion Road Box Hill (Classroom 3)
All enquiries and payments to be made through YTU reception 9890 3771