The Master of Education and Theology is a coursework Master’s degree offered by YTU (Yarra Theological Union) and CTC in collaboration.

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Box Hill (2021)

Semester 1:   Box Hill     9am – 4pm

DR9663Y/DE9663Y/DM9663Y   Leadership for Mission in a Catholic School
Saturdays 27th February; 20th March
2 online days asynchronous;
Saturdays 8th May, 22nd May

Semester 2:   Box Hill      9am – 4pm

  Interpreting Biblical Texts
Saturdays 17th July; 24th July
2 online days asynchronous
Saturdays 28th August; 11th September

Beaconsfield  (2021)

Semester 1:    Beaconsfield   9am – 4pm
Religious Educations & Catholic Identity through Pedagogy of Encounter
Thurs 18th & Fri 19th March
2 online days asynchronous;
Thurs 29th April & Fri 30th April

Semester 2:   Beaconsfield   9am – 4pm
CT9013C  Doing Theology: Engaging with the Catholic Tradition
Thurs 22nd & Fri 23rd July
2 online days asynchronous;
Thurs 2nd Sept & Fri 3rd Sept

Capstone: XS9907
Enhancing Teacher Professional Learner for Religious Education
Fri 6th Aug
Fri 15th Oct 

2021 Forms

Admission Form – Masters of Education and Theology (MedTheol)
Re-enrolment Form – Masters of Education and Theology (MedTheol)

Please contact:
Associate Professor Michael A. Kelly
PH: 9890 3771 Ext 4