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Mary Reaburn teaches Wisdom Literature and Psalms. She is a Sister of Our Lady of Sion and has a deep respect for the literature we call the Old Testament or First Testament and for Jewish and Christian interpretation of these texts. She has also taught at Holy Trinity Theological College in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mary is member of the Council of the Australian Bishops’ Conference for Christian Unity and Inter-religious Dialogue and on the Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission of the Melbourne Archdiocese. She is particularly involved in Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Catholic relations.

Mary has spent time in Jerusalem in conjunction with the Biblical formation programs offered by the Sisters of Our lady of Sion at Ecce Homo Convent.

Recently Mary offered a paper at the faculty seminar on the new Interfaith Guidelines for catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne: Welcoming Each Other. Her involvements with schools run by her Congregation throughout the world is ongoing. The aim in these schools is to make them spaces for dialogue.