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Janina Hiebel completed her PhD at Murdoch University, WA, in 2014 and holds a degree in theology (with specialisation in Old Testament studies) from a German university. Her areas of interest are the period of the Babylonian Exile, and especially the book of Ezekiel. Janina has been teaching Old Testament and Theological German at YTU since 2015 and is currently undertaking studies to complete the Graduate Certificate in Theological Education.

A member of the Focolare Movement, Janina is involved in adult education programs for Focolare members in Melbourne and in the wider region of Oceania, as well as for other local groups and parishes.

Major Publication

Ezekiel’s Vision Accounts as Interrelated Narratives: A Redaction-Critical and Theological Study. BZAW 475. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2015.