How to join your online class (Zoom)

Students who have elected to study online will need to access their class via their ARK log-on.

If you are a first time user for ZOOM you will need to download ZOOM on your electronic device.  It is much easier than it sounds.  Here is the link to be downloaded.

We encourage all students to please check that they are able to log on to ARK a couple of days prior to starting class. For any access issues please contact  OR 

Here’s how to access ARK and then join your class via Zoom

Go to
Choose the ARK tab at the top of the screen
You will be directed to the ARK log on screen

Username: the email address you gave us when you enrolled 
Password:  dd/mmxxx (Date, forward slash, month of your birth, and then the last three digits of your University of Divinity Student ID number). This will be difference if you have already changed it.

When you log into ARK, go to Dashboard, My Units and select the Unit you are enrolled in.
Look for the META Unit.

You should see a GREEN puzzle piece in your ARK META unit (unless the Lecturer chooses a different option). Please click on the GREEN puzzle piece (at the time of your class) and that should connect you to your class. This is the door way to your online class via ZOOM. Click on Join to resume.

Please allow 5-10 minutes to log into ARK so that we can commence on time.
Hope you enjoy the online experience.