Graduation for Class of 2021 (Watch live)

On the evening of Friday 25 March our University community gathers online to celebrate the graduation of 375 students.

If you wish to watch the ceremony at 7.30pm – 9.30pm please click here: 2022 Melbourne March Graduation – Vox (

Below are the Graduates from YTU.

Congratulations Class of 2021

Bachelor of Theology
Marcolino Gomes*
Rhonda Marie O’Connor

Bachelor of Theology/ Bachelor of Ministry
Francois D’Assise Andrianihantana*
Hong Duc Le*
Faramihary Marius Razafimandimby*
Minh Tin Trinh*

Graduate Certificate in Theology
Khalid Marogi*

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education
Nadia Asta
Elizabeth Catherine Mary Carney
Catriona Maureen Davies
Melissa Gai Hall
Rocco Robert Loprevite*
Bianca Chanelle Peters
Renee Joanne Pitruzzello

Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction
Stephen Anthony Hanly
Anne Elizabeth Marmion
Paul Francis Marshall
Tru Duc Nguyen
Gail Maree Paxman
Patricia Duke Spiteri

Master of Pastoral Care
Michelle Maree Walker*

Master of Theological Studies
Sebastianus Wawancara Buulolo
Jerene Dominic
Milan Poropat*
Aruna Jayan Abeysekara Wannappu Arachchilage*
Kasun Dananjaya Watugoda Batugedara*

Master of Theology (Coursework)
Alida Chase*
Melalane Heather Fernandes*
Duy Hai Nguyen*

Master of Theology (Research)
Kenneth Tapiwa Macharaga*

Master of Philosophy
Thomas Emmet Leydon*

Doctor of Philosophy
Amir Malek*
Elissa Roper*

*Indicates students who completed their awards in Semester One 2021