DR8604Y Box Hill (Min. No. 8)

Course: GCTRE, Unit value 16 points

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This unit has a threefold purpose. Drawing on scripture and Catholic theological tradition, the unit aims to provide a framework for understanding the nature and place of moral decision making in Christian living. It will explore methods and strategies for teaching Christian morality in Catholic schools, and provide opportunities for teachers to integrate their study of the scriptures, tradition and the sacraments into their own faith and professional development. Areas to be studied include the meaning of Christian morality, sources of moral knowledge, human freedom, sin and redemption, conscience formation, meaning and function of Church authority, and a strategy for making moral decisions in accordance with Church teaching.

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:
1.identify the process of moral decision making in regard to current ethical questions
2. articulate the Catholic moral tradition on relevant issues
3. discuss current moral issues objectively, critically, and intelligently
4. apply Catholic moral methodology to the making of Christian moral choices
5. critique different perspectives on contemporary moral issues.
6. communicate in an age appropriate manner with students about the importance and relevance for (Christian) living of making (Christian) moral choices.

1500 word written presentation (30%); 2500 word essay (70%)

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