Fr Cormac Nagle OFM

Today we remember a much-loved YTU Lecturer, friend and Franciscan Friar, Fr Cormac Nagle OFM.

Matthew Beckmann writes:
This morning (Tuesday 4th May), while making his breakfast, Cormac Nagle died. Cormac was among the last of that first generation of teachers who brought YTU into being. Having recently returned from Rome and experienced first-hand the events of Vatican II, he was ever after touched by its spirit and saw the importance of creating a place such as YTU. He taught here for decades and his Bioethics course was a part of the life of most students who always knew it fondly as “Monday Night Sex with Cormac”. As Minister of the Australian Franciscan Province he provided the land and assistance that became Dorish Maru College and the OCD priory later the Heart of Life. With his own hands he installed YTU’s first phone system and, to the end, he was supervising research students, writing and contributing to Staff Seminars.

His canonical and moral studies gave him a firm and solid insight into how we ought to act, but he tempered that with a Franciscan compassion and sensitivity that always respected the situation of each individual. Like Francis, he believed he was ‘called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.’ May Cormac, so long part of our story, also now find healing, union and his way home to his loving God.

His funeral will be on Monday at 10:30 am at St Paschal’s chapel.

Let us hold Cormac gently in our hearts and prayers.