See University of Divinity Fees Policy for the policy and all guidelines regarding fees.

BTheol (and Diploma courses): $1704.00 per 18 point unit of study
Postgraduate Courses $2640.00 per 24 point unit of study
GCTRE units $1760.00 per 16 point unit of study
GCTRE Integrative unit $880.00 per 8 point unit of study
Audit (unit taken without assessment): $500.00 per 18 or 24 point unit of study
Not for Credit Units $500.00 per unit

Fees for academic documents (as approved by the University Council):

  • Academic Transcript (3 copies): $50
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (1 copy): $30
  • Combination (2 transcripts and 1 AHEGS): $50
  • Additional copy of transcript or AHEGS (per copy): $10
  • Replacement Testamur [conditions apply]: $200

For more information on academic records go to University of Divinity Website:

Contact Rose Allinson. Email

No refund of fees applies after the stated Census Dates for 2021:
16 March for first semester
17 August for second semester
(Note: Different Census dates apply for year-long units)

Fees for not for credit units and audit units are invoiced by YTU after enrolment and payable by census date.

Fees for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses are paid directly to University of Divinity (UD) which will issue an itemised invoice when the enrolment is processed.  When a student applies for FEE-HELP at enrolment, the fees owing will be paid by the government through the UD office.

UD regulations require accounts to be paid in full two weeks
prior to the start of classes.

All tuition and any library fines must have been paid before results are released or the next semester’s enrolment is confirmed. This also applies to a student’s ability to graduate.

Student Representative Council
Email address: 

The SRC of YTU provides tea and coffee facilities in the Common Room during semester.  The SRC does ask that students make a voluntary donation of at least $20 per semester to cover this cost.

Bursaries for Tuition

Fees for all UD awards are set by UD, and must be equal across each student group, to accord with recent Commonwealth legislation. To assist students, a UD Bursary Fund has been established. It has limited funds available, but further donations are being sought (these are tax deductible). The criteria to be used when allocating bursaries include sources of support available to students and each student’s progress thus far, as well as a student’s need for tuition fee support. Applications are treated in strict confidence.

To apply for assistance, contact the Academic Dean

Fee reductions can also be negotiated in cases of need or hardship.