Enrolments 2021

Enrolments period:
23rd November – 11th December 2020
27th January – 11th February 2021

Options for enrolment:
1. New Students and continuing students starting a new course need to contact YTU for an appointment with the Dean.  Email .

2. Continuing enrolled students need to re-enrol for 2021 using the re-enrolment form, and email it directly to the Academic Dean. 

3. For students who have a question about their enrolment please email the Dean at  .  The Dean is available for consultation via Zoom.

4. Continuing GCTRE students should have already completed their enrolment and sent it to

The 2021 Handbook, Prospectus, Timetables and Academic Calendar have been posted to the YTU website www.ytu.edu.au so you can see what is on offer for the year.