Information for Students with a Disability at YTU


While provision has been made, as far as reasonably practicable, for ease of access into the YTU Building and Study Centre we understand that we cannot cater for every disability.  We certainly endeavour to do all possible to ensure that our units which include students with disabilities are taught in the Study Centre classroom, to which entry is more user-friendly.

It is important that any students who have a disability make it known to the Registrar if they haven’t indicated this on their enrolment form.  Please help us to help you.

University of Divinity Inclusion Policy

The University of Divinity Inclusion Policy.

Study Centre

The Study Centre can be accessed via a ramp at the rear of the building which is situated north of the building.  There are no stairs in the whole building which gives access to all areas of the Study Centre.  There is also access to a Disabled Toilet and Kitchen Facilities.

Parking is available for students with disabilities via Bedford Street.


The St Paschal’s Library (Franciscan OFM) can be accessed via the entrance left of St Paschal’s Chapel (north side).  A hand rail has been installed to assist students from the path by the Main Chapel towards the Library.

St Paschals is approximately 100m from the Albion Road Car Park. There is a handrail to aid those who have trouble with mobility. A slight ramp leads up to double glass doors that need to be opened manually for access if in a wheelchair.  There is easy access through the large hallway but the Library doors must also be opened manually.

There are two separate Ladies toilets.  A wheelchair would not be able to gain access.   The Men’s toilets need to be accessed through another set of double glass doors.  A wheelchair would not be able to gain access.

No Kitchen facilities are available for any students on the Library level.


The Classroom in the Study Centre can be accessed via the ramp at the rear of the Study Centre building.  Parking is available for the Disabled via Bedford Street with a path leading to the rear of the building.

To access Classroom 3, 4 and 5 a student must go up a staircase from the YTU entrance and proceed through a double glass door.  Ramp access via the Chapel is available, upon request.

Students with a disability should identify themselves so that we can cater for their needs.

The Common Room is on the same level as Classrooms 3, 4 & 5 and can be accessed through double doors. To access Classroom 1 & 2 students must go up 32 steps and then enter 2 sets of double doors (usually open)

In the Case of an Emergency

When the alarm sounds to evacuate the buildings, the procedure is to move to the “Emergency Assembly Point”.  The YTU Emergency Assembly Point is located on the grassed area near St Paschal Chapel (south side of the YTU Building).

At the commencement of each semester, the lecturer will explain the emergency procedure for each classroom. Each of the classrooms and general areas of the buildings display the evacuation procedures specific to that location.  If you are unsure please ask Reception or ask your lecturer for further information.

First Aid

The First Aid cabinets are located adjacent to the administration Offices on the second floor and in the Student Common Room.  There is also a First Aid kit in the Study Centre adjacent to the disability entrance to the Study Centre building. A defibrillator is available in the YTU Building on the second floor.  There is at least one trained First Aid Officer at YTU as well as a number of CPR trained staff and students.