As one of the colleges of University of Divinity, YTU teaches the required units for a number of Undergraduate Awards:

Information on Postgraduate Awards


All of these awards are recognised by legislation of the Parliament of Victoria under terms of the Melbourne College of Divinity Act (1910).  The detailed regulations of each award may be found on the university website:

Entrance Requirements

To enter the degree programs (B Theol, B Min etc)  you must have qualified for admission to a Victorian University. Satisfactory completion of a Year 12 programme of study at a secondary school normally fulfils this requirement.

The old Probationary Entry Scheme is now only available to enter the Diploma in Theology. Students wishing to use this to access the degree programs must enter the Dip Theol complete this award and the Adv Dip Theol and Min and then access the B Theol in the third year of the program.

Probationary Entry to the Diploma in Theology

Persons who are not qualified to enrol as candidates in accordance with Regulation 33, but have attained the age of twenty-one years prior to the commencement of the semester in which they would be first enrolled, may apply to enrol as probationary candidates for the Diploma in Theology.  Such candidates will be required to complete a probationary period of study for the degree, and having successfully completed 72 credit points, will then be permitted to proceed as an ordinary candidate for the award. Candidates who fail more than 18 credit points of units during their probationary candidature will have their candidature terminated.

Fields of Study

There are four fields of study for the awards:

Field A       Humanities

Field B       Biblical Studies

Field C      Christian Thought and History

Field D      Theology: Mission and Ministry.


At YTU the assessment requirements for units taken towards Diplomas, and Advanced Diplomas are the same as for units taken towards a Bachelor of Theology.