Authentic Christian Living: Rediscovering the Sacramental Imagination – Faith Today

 Dr Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown offers an engaging introduction to the sacramental imagination – what it is, how we nearly lost it, why its recovery is essential – and explores the complex relationship between Christianity and modernity.

A snapshot of Authentic Christian Living by Gavin Brown – YouTube

What does it really mean to think and live as a Christian in the modern world? For some, Christianity and modern values seem utterly incompatible; the only option available to faithful Christians is a radical rejection of an increasingly sinful world.

For others, Christianity will only survive when it “gets with the program” and adapts itself to a rapidly changing and advancing (post)modernity. But what if there is a middle way?

This book is written in the conviction that Christianity can both thrive within a modern setting and, at the same time, offer something of extraordinary value to modernity, something it cannot provide for itself. This can best be called a sacramental imagination.

In this book, we lay open the inner workings of a sacramental imagination: what it is, how we nearly lost it, and why its recovery is essential. If we are to live authentically as Christians in the modern world, we must rediscover this distinctive and challenging way of imagining and living.

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