The University of Divinity

Founded by an Act of the Victorian State Parliament on December 17, 1910, University of Divinity is the oldest ecumenical institution in the world offering academic degrees and awards in theology and divinity. At its founding as Melbourne College of Divinity (MCD), the college represented the Church of England, the Baptist, Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches, and by co-optation the Churches of Christ.  It was later enlarged to include the Roman Catholic Church and the Salvation Army.  From 1993 to 2011 MCD, while retaining its autonomy and degree conferring status, was affiliated with the University of Melbourne; academic programs are also available in conjunction with Monash University.  At the beginning of 2012 the Melbourne College of Divinity was inaugurated as the first university of specialisation in Australia as MCD University of Divinity. Since 2014 it has been called simply University of Divinity. Today University of Divinity includes nine denominational Colleges representing the Anglican, Baptist, Churches of Christ, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Uniting churches, and the Salvation Army, and has one specialist institute, Sentir Graduate College of Spiritual Formation, and one research-only college (Morling College).  By its very nature University of Divinity is fundamentally committed to ecumenical co-operation in theological education.  Each College of the University, while encouraged to be true to its own heritage and commitments, is enriched by membership in a theologically diverse community of scholars and scholarship.  Students, faculty, alumni and friends of the University are proud participants in a collaborative effort that seeks to achieve collectively what member institutions could not accomplish individually. Further information can be obtained from the University website:

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