The main reason for the numbering system is to indicate the levels of the various units, i.e. Level One, Level Two and Level Three.

To explain more fully by means of examples:

BN1000Y           Gospel of Mark and Exegetical Method

B indicates that the unit is in Field B.
N = New Testament.
The first figure ‘1’ indicates that it is a Level One unit.
The second, third and fourth figures are the proper numbers for the unit itself.
Y indicates that the unit is taught at YTU. [Other Colleges are indicated by different letters.]

CT2011Y           Who is this Christ?

In Field C, and under the discipline of Systematic Theology  (C+T = CT),
this is a Level Two unit.

CH9011Y           Foundations of Australian Catholicism

In Field C, and under Church History (C+H=CH), this is a Postgraduate (level 9) unit.

DT2340/3340Y  Human Sexuality and Marriage

In Field D, and under the discipline of Moral Theology (D+T =DT), this unit can be taken at Level Two or Level Three.

Minimum Number: Where “(Min. No. 8)” accompanies a unit description this means that the unit will be offered if the minimum number of students is enrolled.