1st semester Wednesday evening                 (Min. No. 8)

Crosslisted as CT2/3340Y


This unit will treat specifically of the rich and positive meaning of sexuality in the Catholic tradition. It will review the foundations or sources of a Christian ethics of sexuality and marriage. Then it will treat more specifically the meaning of sexuality and its role in human relations, the human response to God as sexual persons, including particular questions, for example, positive living as sexual persons, sexual abuse, homosexuality, prostitution, contraception, etc., as time allows. It will also investigate the meaning of marriage as a human institution and Christian sacrament, its history and development.



Level 2: DT1300 or equivalent

Level 3: As above, plus one level two unit in Moral Theology



Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate understanding of the Scriptural and Church teachings on, sexuality, and its human foundations.
  2. discuss the origins and historical development of the moral theology of sexuality, and marriage as a sacrament
  3. identify principles and guidelines to evaluate and offer a Christian response to relevant questions on sexuality and marriage, both general and specific
  4. demonstrate understanding of the integration of sexuality as a basic area of spiritual life.



Level 2: 3000 word essay (60%); 1500 word written preparation for tutorial presentation and discussion (40%)

Level 3: 4000 word essay (60%); 1500 word written preparation for tutorial presentation and discussion (40%)


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Lecturer:              BERNARD TEO CSsR