2nd semester Wednesday evening                                                                    (Min. No. 8)



This unit will invite students to a consideration of issues and concerns in the theology and practice of ministry in contemporary Christian pastoral contexts.     It will address the origins of Christian ministry in the Scriptures and the historical developments that have formed and informed the contemporary practice and theology of mission and ministry in both Catholic and ecumenical contexts. Ministry shapes the church but the church shapes ministry so we will examine the role that ecclesiology plays in the theology and practice of ministry. Lay and ordained ministry will be examined in the context of pastoral leadership and the necessity for a ministerial spirituality to sustain and develop the future shape of ecclesial ministry.





Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. describe and analyse the development of Christian ministry over the centuries
  2. identify the different roles of lay and ordained ministry
  3. analyse relevant issues in contemporary pastoral leadership
  4. articulate a spirituality that will sustain those in ministry
  5. Level 3 only demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ecclesiology in pastoral ministry.



Level 2: 1500 word paper and 1000 word review of feedback on a class presentation (50%); 2000 word essay (50%)

Level 3: 2000 word paper and 1000 word review of feedback on a class presentation (50%); 2500 word essay



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Lecturer:    MICHAEL A KELLY  CSsR