2nd semester Monday evening     Crosslisted as CT2/3331Y    (Min. No. 8)



The unit will offer students a review of the major Asian theologians as well as the major theological themes that have developed in the Asian context of religious pluralism, different cultures, the poor, and marginalized groups like women, dalits and others.





Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. discuss the work of at least one significant Asian theologians
  2. articulate three major Asian theological themes
  3. compare three characteristics of Asian theology with that of western theology
  4. examine the relevance of Asian theology for mission in Asia
  5. make a case for contextual theology [level 3 only]



Level 2: Class presentation and 1500 word essay (40%); 3000 word essay (60%)

Level 3: Class presentation and 2000 word essay (40%); 4000 word essay (60%)



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Lecturer:           JACOB KAVUNKAL SVD