2nd semester Thursday evening                                                                       (Min. No. 8)



This unit aims to present with ecumenical sensitivity the origin, meaning and purpose of the Christian sacraments. It begins by outlining foundational concepts upon which contemporary sacramental theology rests, including the importance of symbol, ritual, Jesus as primordial sacrament and the Church as fundamental sacrament. Using this framework, the unit then undertakes a survey of the seven sacraments, paying particular attention to their historical, symbolic, liturgical and pastoral dimensions. Finally, the unit explores and evaluates more recent directions within sacramental theology as a discipline.



Level 2: CT1000Y or equivalent and two units in Biblical Studies at level one

Level 3: As above plus one unit of Systematic Theology at level two



Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. articulate the importance of foundational concepts such as symbol and ritual in defining and describing sacraments
  2. discuss the importance of Jesus Christ as primordial sacrament and the Church as fundamental sacrament in defining and describing sacraments
  3. identify significant developments in the historical evolution of the sacraments
  4. analyse the sacraments in terms of their key historical developments, symbolic meanings, and liturgical expression
  5. (Level 3) explain how the sacraments manifest the presence and work of the Holy Spirit.



Level 2: 1500 word essay (40%); 2500 word major essay (60%)

Level 3: 2000 word essay (40%); 3000 word major essay (60%)


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Lecturer:    GAVIN BROWN