June 6th – July 3rd 2017  Overseas Travel Unit



This unit will have several components. Students will travel to Israel. They will follow a four week course, based at Ecce Homo Convent in the Old City of Jerusalem, on one of the Synoptic Gospels which involves lectures on a Synoptic Gospel, on Judaism, and the many religious traditions present. The course is entitled ‘Rediscover Jesus in the Land with Matthew/Mark/Luke. In 2017 it will be the Gospel according to Mark. Lectures will be accompanied by excursions to many biblical sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and especially in the Galilee.  Experienced guides will explore the historical and archaeological links with the Gospels.  There will be some opportunity to meet with members of several religious traditions in the context of the Land.

For more information see www.biblicalformationcentre.com

It is necessary to enrol with the Program in Jerusalem.



One Unit of New Testament at level two



Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. discuss the interplay between the geography of the biblical land and the text of the Gospel
  2. articulate the significance of the land in relation to the Gospel’s presentation of Jesus and his ministry
  3. explain the influence of the Galilee on the life of Jesus as reflected in the Gospel studied
  4. demonstrate knowledge of the Jewish background to the Gospel studied
  5. assess the contribution of archaeology to the study of the Gospel
  6. apply the knowledge gained concerning the Gospel and the Galilean influence to

preaching or teaching the Gospel in the coming liturgical year

  1. discuss the relationship between the various Christian communities encountered

in Jerusalem to Christian Ecumenism in Australia.



An homily or class presentation equivalent to 2500 words on one of the Sunday Liturgical texts studied in Jerusalem  (50%); A 2500 word essay – which takes a text from the Gospel of Matthew and explores the significance of studying it in the Biblical land (50%)



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The Gospel of Mark

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Supervisors:          MARY COLOE PBVM and MARY REABURN NDS