2nd semester Wednesday evening                                    (Min. No. 8)



The unit will consist of an examination of the major issues associated with contemporary study of the Book of Isaiah, namely how much can be known about the prophet Isaiah and his preaching, the hypothesis of three major editions of the book (chs. 1–39; 40–55 and 56–66) stemming from different periods in Israelite tradition, and the impact this has on one’s reading of the book and its theology. The unit will also involve exegesis of selected texts in the book.



Level 2: BA1000Y and BN1000Y

Level 3: Two biblical studies units at level 2



Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students at will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a development in fundamental exegetical skills and critical approaches used in biblical studies
  2. demonstrate knowledge of the common literary forms found in prophetic literature and in particular the book of Isaiah
  3. exhibit their knowledge of the central debates about the composition and interpretation of the book of Isaiah
  4. show an ability to use scholarly commentaries and other such resources to exegete texts in the book of Isaiah
  5. engage in discussion of the theological significance of the texts studied in the unit and their relationship to the Book of Isaiah.
  6. (Level 3) integrate their advanced exegetical skills in the interpretation of biblical texts
  7. (Level 3) raise questions about fundamental concepts and approaches in critical study of the book of Isaiah.



Level 2: Two 1000 word exegetical papers (20% each); 2500   word essay (60%)

Level 3: 1500 word exegetical paper (30%); 4000 word essay (70%)


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Lecturer:           MARK O’BRIEN OP