Second Semester


1.30 NN1000Y    MK
Introduction to Tertiary Studies in Theology
6.00 BA1000Y JH/MR
Entering the World of the Old Testament
DT2012Y/DT3012Y  BT
Justice and Human Rights
DM2/3331Y  CT2/3331Y     JK
Theology in Asia: A Model of Development in Theology.
AL1002Y  JH

Hebrew B


9.30 DS1000Y    RR
Introduction to Christian Spirituality


9.30 DT2/3011Y    BT
Major Issues in Contemporary Moral Theology
BA2/3011Y    MR
6.00  CH2002Y      MB
A Survey of Early Modern and Modern Church History
(1450 – Present)
BA2/3013Y   M O’B
The Book of Isaiah
DP2/3111Y    MK
Ministry in Contemporary Context


9.30 BN2/3011Y     CM
Luke – Acts
 NN0310Y     IH
(Non Credit)
10am – 12 noon
Art of the Icon
6.00 AL1032Y      JH
German B
CT1003Y    RF
Beginning with Jesus
Units with special arrangements

DP1001Y   DL    Foundations for Pastoral Practice  Weekend Intensive Unit:  4-5 Aug, 8-9 Sept, 20-21st Oct



 MB Mary in the Christian Tradition (DS2/3320Y) Intensive SATURDAYS  5th & 19th Aug, 2nd & 16th Sept,
14th & 28th Oct
BN3015Y MC & MR Biblical Land and the Gospels
Overseas Intensive Travel Unit
6th June – 3rd July 2017