1st semester Thursday evening Crosslisted as DR9481Y                                            (Min. No. 8)

This unit will explore the socio-cultural context in which ecclesial and educational leadership operates. Focusing on the importance of a shared vision that guides a faith community, it will explore the following issues: biblical foundations, approaches to and styles of leadership, ethical issues, goal setting, collaborative partnerships, spirituality, self-care, communication, management and conflict resolution skills, the identification and formation of aspiring leaders, professional development and client outcomes.



Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. articulate a vision for and an appropriate approach to leadership in a faith community
  2. identify biblical foundations for contemporary approaches to faith leadership
  3. identify and address a range of issues that a person in leadership must confront
  4. critically evaluate the tensions of leadership from a Christian perspective
  5. analyse sources of conflict and processes for resolution of conflict
  6. identify the core responsibilities of Christian leadership.


Class presentation with 3000 word paper (50%); 3000 word essay (50%)


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