Crosslisted as CT9320Y (Spirituality)

Elective Unit                                                                                          (Min. No. 8)

1st semester Thursday morning


The Second Vatican Council strongly encouraged the study of Mary within the context of the theology of Church. This unit will explore an understanding of Mary as an integral part of the ecclesiology of communion. It is through the lens of communion that the major areas of the unit will be viewed.

Key areas of interest during this unit will be: a study of the New Testament and patristic testimony as foundational to an appreciation of Mary; an examination of the Marian Dogmas uncovering what they say today; a review of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council in relation to Mary; a reappraisal of the liturgical tradition and practice surrounding Mary; a survey and interpretation of the ecumenical engagement with the Marian tradition and a theological assessment of the seemingly recurrent apparitions of Mary.


Normally one foundational unit in systematic theology and biblical studies

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. situate Marian studies within a theology of communion
  2. identify the foundational biblical and patristic texts in relation to a theology of Mary
  3. articulate Vatican II’s teaching on Mary
  4. demonstrate the ability to do critical research on a Marian dogma
  5. articulate an ecumenical understanding of Mary
  6. research and deliver a short talk or homily in relation to a Marian liturgical feast
  7. demonstrate appropriate research skills.


Seminar Presentation (10%); 2000 word Seminar Paper (35%); 4000 word Essay (55%)


* = set texts recommended for purchase

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