Elective Unit                                                    (Min. No. 8)

2nd semester Tuesday morning


This unit is a study of Christian reflection on what it means to be human in relation to God and what makes up our humanity. It explores biblical foundations including humanity as created in the image of God, human freedom, grace, nature and grace, sin, persons and community, and how these are embodied through human arrangements such as family, race, work, and the limitations of sickness and disability, ageing and death.

One unit of Foundational Systematic Theology (CT)


Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. describe and discuss the main features of Christian teaching on the human person
  2. analyse and evaluate the relative contributions of culture and the world on understanding Christian teaching about the human person
  3. identify and assess theological understandings about humanity’s and God’s relationship
  4. identify and describe the theological understandings of grace in relation to persons
  5. describe and evaluate the shift in the theological tradition from an individualistic concept of person to persons-in-relationship
  6. assess and articulate a theological understanding of the dynamic tension revealed in nature/grace; body/soul; person/community
  7. demonstrate advanced research skills appropriate to study at graduate level.

Two short seminar papers (1500 words each) (50%); 3000 word research essay (50%)

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