1st semester Thursday evening                Non-Credit Unit          (Min. No. 4 Max. No. 8)


The unit will focus on four primary sources from the early Church which are Christian Classics either because of their content or the author.  These will be: The Passion of SS. Perpetua & Felicity; The Life of St. Martin (of Tours) by Sulpicius Severus; On Loving God by Bernard of Clairvaux; The Dialogue by Catherine of Siena.  It is hoped that the student will have time to read the entire work or at least a major portion of it so that all can share in their understanding of the work and its significance for them.  The last part of each meeting the lecturer will introduce the following work to be read and put it in its historical context.



Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this unit, it is hoped that the students will be able to:

  1. identify the context of each of the classics
  2. articulate at least one major insight gleaned from each of the classics
  3. evaluate its contribution to the Christian tradition.




The shorter pieces can be found in collections in most of the University of Divinity Libraries.  The work cited can be found in St. Paschal Library.

The Passion of Perpetua and Felicity, found in Four Spiritual Classics, Edited and translated by W. H. Shewring (London: Sheed & Ward; 1931)

The Life of St. Martin (of Tours), by Sulpicius Severus, found in The Western Fathers, translated and edited by F. R. Hoare (London: Sheed & Ward, 1954)

On Loving God, by Bernard of Clairvaux, found in Bernard of Clairvaux, Selected Works, translated by G. R. Evans (Mahwah: Paulist Press; 1987)

The Dialogue, by Catherine of Siena, translated by Susanne Noffke (Mahwah: Paulist Press; 1980)