The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education is principally, although not exclusively, designed to enable teachers to gain accreditation to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school. It is designed to fulfil the requirements of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Policy 1.7 Accreditation to Teach Religious Education in a Catholic School.

The Graduate Certificate allows those who have an undergraduate, or higher, qualification in another discipline to pursue theological and educational units that will enhance their ability to reflect on and communicate the Catholic faith.

It introduces students to contemporary scholarship in scripture, theology and religious education, so as to assist them in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs of religious education.


2019 Dates for Box Hill, Warrnambool and Ballarat


Four (4) units of study (each worth 16 points) are taken normally over a two year period. These units are taught intensively over four days: either two Saturdays and two days in the school term holidays; or two consecutive days twice during the semester.

The course is taught at Box Hill, Warrnambool and Ballarat with the latter two venues having different unit code numbers but the same content.

The required units are usually taken in the following order:

DR8601Y Introduction to Scripture for Religious Educators
DR8602Y Jesus Christ Today: In Church, Mission and Sacraments
DR8603Y Foundations of Religious Education
DR8604Y Making (Christian) Choices in Life: Value Added Approach

In addition one 5 point unit (DR8605Y Integrative Exercise) is taken concurrently over the duration of the course but you enrol and pay for this unit in the last Semester.


2019 Forms pending

Application for Admission – Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education (GCTRE)
Re-enrolment – Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education (GCTRE)

Please return forms to:
Rose Marie Prosser
C/- YTU Admin
Yarra Theological Union
PO Box 79
Box Hill   3128

2019 Fees

GCTRE units $1632 per 16 point unit of study
GCTRE Integrative unit $816 per 8 point unit of study


Many students are sponsored by the relevant Catholic Education Office.  Enquiries related to funding by Catholic Education Melbourne should be addressed to:

Phone: 9267 0228

Enquiries related to funding by Catholic Education Ballarat should be addressed to your school principal or the Religious Education Office Ballarat contact:  Gina

Further information from Catholic Education Melbourne:


Undergraduate degree or equivalent to enrol in the course.

Normally, successful completion of the first year units is a prerequisite for undertaking the second year units. The reason is that the units are sequenced as part of the curriculum for the course.

Updated: 22nd August 2018