The Master of Divinity is a first degree in theology for graduates in another discipline. The MDiv offers a high level of theological study with a broad and challenging engagement across the full range of disciplines.

Entry Requirements:  Bachelor degree in any discipline

Structure: Eighteen (18) semester units of 15 points = 270 points at graduate level

  • 105 points of Foundational units

Comprised of 30 points of units in a single Biblical Language, 30 points of units in Field B, 30 points in Field C, and 15 points in Field D (candidates may complete a further 15 points of Foundational study in any Field or Discipline

  • Not less than 105 points and not more than 150 points of Elective units

Candidates must include at least 15 points of Elective units in Field B, 15 points of Elective units in Field C, and 15 points of Elective units in Field D

  • Capstone unit (minimum of 15 points)

Candidates must complete a Capstone unit worth at least 15 points

Normal Duration:        3 – 9 years

 Articulation:    On completion of the MDiv from the UD with a 12,000 word research essay graded to at least 75% and a 75% average across the coursework components of the degree one can apply for entry to a Research Masters (MTheol, MPhil) or direct entry to a doctoral award (DTheol, PhD).