The Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree that enables interaction with the discipline of theology by building on studies undertaken in a previous degree(s), usually in other disciplines.

Entry Requirements:

  • a Graduate Diploma in Theology from the Institution, or an MDiv, or an MTS each with a 12,000 word research essay graded to at least 75%, and a 75% average across the coursework component of the degree


  • An MA(Theol) from the Institution, with a 12,000 word research essay graded to at least 75%

  Structure:      1) Thesis of 100,000 words

                            2) An exegeted research project where the project itself is presented in non-textual media. Appended to such projects must be a written exegesis of the project that contributes to the production of new knowledge through critical reflection upon the project. At least 50% of the project must be in written form.

3) A portfolio of publications with at least one substantial integrating article (Regulation 26.1.8)

Every candidate for this degree must participate in eight hours of postgraduate seminars per year of candidacy.

Normal Duration:  Minimum 4 years (4 years full-time 8 years part-time)